Floor Standing Mirrors – What are they all about?

16 Sep

If you are looking for a design feature that you can incorporate into your existing decor, which will make an immediate impact on visitors, then consider the addition of one or more floor standing mirrors.

Floor standing mirrors are typically large or oversized mirrors that are not intended to be fixed to a wall, but rather use a floor surface, and possibly lean on an existing wall, as their main source or sources of support. More traditional floor standing mirrors may be contained within a support stand or frame, which allows the mirror to free-standing and perfectly vertically situated. Recently however, more modern designs of floor standing mirrors, placed at angles diagonal to the floor, have become popular and striking design features in homes and offices.

What is it about large or oversized mirrors that adds appeal to any room? The reflective properties of mirrors in general contribute a new dimension to any room, giving it depth, and the illusion of being larger than it actually is. In addition, mirrors reflect light; the addition of one or more mirrors to any room will bend the room lighting in unique and interesting ways, and even reflect natural lighting to create the illusion of a brighter, more illuminated area. The larger the mirror or mirrors, the more powerful these dimension-adding and light-reflecting properties will be within the room.


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