Tips for Using Mirrors in Your Home Decor – Benefits of Decorating With Mirrors

17 Sep

Decorating the home with mirrors is a great way to add light to any room. Mirrors can also make a room appear to be larger if they are placed in the locations. Mirrors can be used for decorations only or they can be used for a specific purpose. If mirrors with decorative frames are being used, it is important to match the frames with the current style of the room. This is not to say that they have to be the exact same color, just the same basic style so the frame and the rest of the decor in the room do not clash.

Placing a large mirror in a small room will make the room appear to be larger. With this in mind, placing mirrors on the ceiling can make the room appear taller. Mirrors can also be used practically to cover up holes or damages in the wall. This is a much less expensive way of hiding the flaw than paying to have the damage repaired. Since mirrors reflect light, placing a few of them in the entranceway of the home is a great way to greet visitors. People will be greeted in a bright, cheerful manner instead of a dark dreary one.


The most popular decorating tip for mirrors is to place the mirror behind an item that needs illuminations. Candles and lamps are good choices. Placing mirrors in dark areas, corners, or closets will also create illumination. Mirrors can also reflect off paintings for an interesting effect when placed properly. Adding a mirror over a fireplace can add more focus the fireplace while make the room seem larger and any items on the fireplace mantel will reflect off the mirror. Do not forget the bathroom. They are generally small and can use some sprucing up.


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