Installing a Bathroom Mirror

22 Sep

Bathroom mirrors are not only practical items, which allow you to shave, apply make-up, pluck your eyebrows, or do your hair in the bathroom, but also decorative pieces.

Strategically placed mirrors can reflect a view from outside your window or an internal part of your bathroom, such as an attractive piece of bathroom furniture, the basin and tap, or accessories such as a vase of flowers or group of candles, to enhance a your sense of space. They can also reflect light, casting it into shadowy corners and making the room feel lighter and even bigger.

An illuminated bathroom mirror is especially useful in a small or slightly gloomy bathroom, as the integral lighting ensures that you are lit from the front and can see your own reflection perfectly without shadows cast from ceiling lighting. Lights will often be set out in such a way that they create an attractive pattern or light up a frosted feature panel or panels in the mirror.

Illuminated mirrors come in many shapes and sizes, and the light will be different too. Some have coloured lighting, some white. Some may be LED lit, others have other, less energy efficient, forms of lighting. Although LED lights are more expensive to buy and to replace, they are much more efficient and will last longer, so it’s likely to be a worthwhile choice for your wallet as well as for the planet.

Bathroom mirrors are all ‘ingress protection’ (IP) rated: an IP rating of 44 or above means that you can position your illuminated bathroom mirror anywhere in the bathroom, with the exception of actually within the bath or shower enclosure. If you wish to install an illuminated mirror here, you’ll need to choose a design that’s low voltage and totally immersion proof (IP67 or higher).

One option worth considering when you’re thinking of buying a bathroom mirror is a bathroom mirror cabinet. These are especially handy pieces of bathroom furniture if you’re short of space in the bathroom, as you get not only a mirrored surface on your wall, but also some useful storage space for your medicines or hygiene products.

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