Interior Decorating Tips With Wall Mirrors

22 Sep

Perhaps one of the most common home furnishings, full length wall mirrors are a quick and affordable way to add a touch of elegance to any home. Since they come in all shapes and sizes, they can fit into virtually any open space you have on the wall. Foyers, hallways and bedrooms are perfect spots. Entrance ways are especially popular hanging spots as it gives you a chance to impress your visitors and to set the tone for your home.

Mirrors are important accessories when considering interior design whether it is for your home or office. You may not realize it, but there are wall mirrors that are considered to be works of art. In fact, one of the oldest designs is the Baluga mirror which is still a classic after all these years. These designs are a blend of colonial and Asian patterns. No two pieces are alike. These unique pieces will give any room an elegant, old world experience.


An easy method for giving a room a unique theme is to pick out the wall mirror first. If you want to give a room a contemporary feel, you can choose a large, handcrafted wooden mirror that fits the space of your wall. Then you add furnishings and accessories that match the look and feel of your room. When you use this technique for every room in your home, you will be able to quickly decorate each room to match your style and taste.

There are different types and styles of wood that are used for wooden mirrors. If you look for wall mirrors made from durable wood products they will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment that often becomes a family heirloom. Mirrors made from Mahogany Plantation Timbers, for example, are exceptional quality and elegant. The dark red-brown colored wood usually has no blemishes and gives a very nice sheen when polished. They are especially easy to maintain with minimal dusting and periodic polishing.

There are plenty of design styles to choose from. Wall mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of colors and finishes. A mirror in which the frame is made of wood that is sculpted with unique designs is very elegant. There are also textured wood patterns if you are looking for a mirror with a more eclectic profile. Depending upon the type of mirror you choose, they can make a small room look bigger, enhance the room’s depth perception and also set the mood of the room that it hangs in.

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