Bathroom Decorating

24 Sep

Cramped or Cosy? A few decorating tips that will make a small bathroom feel larger.

Decorating can not only improve the look of your bathroom but it can help to visually expand the space. A few tricks with a paintbrush is all it takes to enhance your bathroom.

Whatever your decorating style, transform your bathroom simply. All it takes is a lick of paint, clever lighting, and some expert interior knowledge.

Colour schemes are important in your bathroom; different colours will create a multitude of moods and atmospheres.

  • Choose pale soft colour schemes for serenity, such as pale oranges, greens and blues. These will enhance light and space.
  •  If your bathroom has a lack of natural light, make it bright and airy with pale pinks or light to dark blues.
  • A cosy bathroom can be created by blending pale neutral colours with warm autumn tones.
  • Steer clear of strong, loud colours. Bright colours should only be used for towels and the odd accessory.

Lighting is important in the bathroom for both mood and sense of space.

  • Wall sconces or a lamp will add warmth.
  • To make the room lighter, consider installing a larger window or some skylights. It can be expensive but well worth it.

Certain elements of your bathroom suite could be at fault.

  • Instead of a large vanity sink, why not try a smaller pedestal one. It can make all the difference, and it’s a lot cheaper than replacing your whole suite.

Under sink storage, such as a cabinet takes up a lot of floor space.

  • Instead, mount a small shelf or organize an airing cupboard. Be aware that if you do remove under sink storage, you may need to repair the floor.

If you have any large furniture, it may make your room seem smaller.

  •  Remove large shelves and any ornamental accessories that make the room look smaller. The furniture may be comfy and useful, but if the room feels bigger without them, think of other alternatives.

Use mirrors, they are great at reflecting your bathroom space, and can improve a dark bathroom.

  • Place a mirror in front of the bathroom sink. The mirror will reflect all the light in the room. For a quirkier solution, arrange a number of smaller mirrors in place of one large mirror.

Similar to bathroom walls, the floor will appear bigger if it’s laid in a light coloured wood or lino.

  • It can be pricey, so if you can’t afford to replace the flooring, just accessorize with a light coloured rug.

Clutter in a small bathroom will only serve to make it feel smaller.

  • If you have a frosted glass shower door, change it to a clear glass one.
  •  If you can, take the shower door off and hang a curtain instead. This can be pushed back to one side and will create a sense of space, instead of obstructing your view to the back wall.

Make deceptive depth to walls with a piece of clever art.

  • Hang a painting or picture of a discreet garden or a horizon. This can trick the eye in to thinking it is a window. It will help to expand your space and enhance your bathrooms atmosphere.

Most importantly, a clean, neat bathroom always looks larger and more spacious than an untidy one!

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