Best position for a full length mirror in a room

24 Sep

Venetian mirrored furniture is the perfect solution in rooms where light is limited. By their very nature houses with 4 walls are going to have one wall which faces more or less north and therefore receives little if no sunlight. Rooms on this side of the house can appear dark and unappealing. Whereas a sunny room automatically lifts one’s mood, to achieve the same effect in a darker room takes a little more thought. With the beautiful pieces of Venetian mirrored furniture on the market today the problem is solved.

Using mirrors to reflect available light has long been established as a classic design rule but the possibility of reflecting light with mirrored furniture as well, is relatively new. No matter which room of the house you wish to brighten, you can add light in this way. There is a variety of styles to choose from, ranging from angular modern designs to softer traditional pieces. It is possible to just introduce a single item of furniture, strategically placed, to reflect as much light as possible into the room, or to furnish the room with one of the coordinating ranges of mirrored furniture, so as to maximise the effect.

Glass is a dominant feature of the most attractive modern architecture so let us bring the principles into our homes. In dark, north-facing rooms make the most of the existing light by fitting blinds rather than curtains, or let curtain rails extend beyond the windows to increase the light entering the room. Choose pieces of furniture which reflect the light and large mirrors to highlight a few well chosen accessories in an accent colour. Place a large mirror either with, or without, a piece of mirrored furniture, opposite a north facing window and just watch the walls recede and the daylight flood in. Interior designers have long been aware that light must be allowed to enter a north facing room in an uninterrupted way. I have been explaining this principle to my parents for years. They have a north facing bedroom with a lovely view which is made dark and forbidding by the large antique oak furniture. This room could be totally transformed with mirrored furniture and I have been trying to get my hands on it for some time!

You may feel that solving a light problem in this way, is all very well in a bedroom but is less possible in a kitchen but, believe me, Venetian mirrored furniture works in every room in the house. We have a very contemporary (if rather small) kitchen which faces north. We have positioned an enormous Venetian mirror on the wall to your right as you come through the door. Not only does the antique style mirror maximise the light, it also makes the kitchen look and feel twice as big!

Find out more interior decorating tips with wall mirrors at buy full length mirror .com – interior Decorating Tips With Wall Mirrors.


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