Fishing Lure Guide

24 Sep

Perhaps you heard about it from a friend, or maybe you overheard a conversation at one of your local fishing organizations. However you found out about it, the secret is now out: you know where the hottest fishing spot on the lake is. You probably think that this is all it takes to become a great fisherman and take home fishing by the bucket-full. Well, there is a little more to it than that. For one thing, you must know what kind of lure to use. If you use the wrong kind if bait, you may be at a spot loaded with fish, and still only catch one or two, and that is if you are lucky

The fastest route to finding out about all of the hottest baits and lures on the market is to read reviews and talk to other fishermen. You will find a lot of magazines on fishing at your local store on the magazine rack. Pick one up and browse through the reviews, though do not take all of these reviews as the final info. The better thing to do is to go out on your local lake and ask some of the fishermen who are catching a lot of fish what they are catching them on. Better yet, stand near one as he brings his line in and see for yourself.

Once you have a general idea of the style that most anglers seem to be having success with, it is time for you to experiment. Try fishing with a few different colors. Change the colors as daytime, water temp, and water clarity change. Maybe even try a few color combinations that you think would never work. These occasionally are what will catch fish when nothing else will.

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