Home decor the easy way – Simle ideas for the home

24 Sep

Home decor can be expensive, but there are many creative ways to add wall decoration to any home, on a budget!

Look for frames at thrift stores, yard sales and even dollar shops. Even is it is filled with ugly artwork, look past it for the frame. One of my favorite frame finds was a large wood carved frame I found in an antique shop for $10 because it had “damage”. That damage is what gives it character and a vintage feel! I love that frame!

Use frames themselves as artwork. Hang a grouping of empty frames of different shapes, sizes and finishes. Make sure you hang them only a few inches apart, and use an odd number of frames for a natural look.

If you are looking to fill a wall with inexpensive artwork, try using a common theme to tie all the framed art together. A floral theme, all black and whites, or a common color throughout will give a designer look to your grouping.

Frame pretty pieces of fabric as art. You can splurge and buy a little designer fabric because it’s such a small amount, or you can really save bucks and cut pretty fabric form worn out dresses or blouses from your closet or a thrift shop. They don’t pay those fabric designers the big bucks for nothing, its art!

Paper can also be used as wall art…check out the scrap booking section of your local craft shop for attractive paper in your rooms theme to frame and hang. Also look into handmade papers for a high end look.

Got gardening magazines? You have art! Cut out garden photos you love and frame for a perfect cottage or traditional accent. You can also search used book stores for art books you would be willing to cut up to hang. Botanicals, landscape photography, and even black and white graphic art can all be easily found for a couple dollars…and you can get dozens of pictures from some books!

Go non traditional for your wall art. Have old love letters in a drawer? Frame them! Hang you daughters dress from her christening, or the flowers you pressed with your son when he was three. Your Grandfathers hand tools, or a quilt from your Grandmother will make memorable wall decoration. Get the idea? Think outside frames and paintings, and create home decor that is warm and personal.

Home decor matters to us because it is an expression of ourselves. Wall decoration does not have to be costly, and long as you use a little imagination and Creativity, not Cash!

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