The guide to cheval mirrors

24 Sep

What is a cheval mirror? We have all seen these mirrors. They command your attention when you walk in the room because they are striking. They are the full-length mirrors that have either an oval or rectangle frame made of wood or wrought iron. The mirror appears to be suspended above ground and held by two swivel screws. They add class to any room. Every girl had one or at least wanted one as a child.

First known as a dressing mirror, the cheval mirror was introduced in the 1700s. Since that time, new designers have added their spin as if they are in competition to see who could make the most decorative frames. Over the years however, its celebrity status shared the spotlight with other types of mirrors that promised to save space. Mirrors attached to dressers stands and hidden in larger pieces of furniture became popular, but the cheval mirror wasn’t forgotten. It became a classic piece.

This type of mirror will always surpass the competition for its ability to strike many angles to give optimal view from head to toe. This is something not achieved by wall-mounted mirrors or mirrors mounted on wardrobe doors. Another advantage that it has over its competition is the appeal it adds to a room. It is a purposeful piece of furniture that adds grace to the bedroom and now commands audiences in the living room and dining room alike. People have begun to see that the cheval mirror was also a statement of class as if by owning one meant you were royalty.

The cheval mirror is still around. Since the 1700s, they can be found in many attractive designs even with retro designer frames that whisper the year that you’re in. The mirror can be found in traditional brick and mortar home decor department stores or online for your shopping convenience. What was once only for the rich, can now be hand by everyone. You have your choice between a more modern shape and the traditional curved wood design. There is literally a full length mirror for everyone’s taste and budget.

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