Tips for framed large mirrors in your home

24 Sep

Framed mirrors are as necessary to your décor as that new pair of spring shoes is to your wardrobe. Whether it’s your bathroom, living room, hall, or baby’s room a mirror adds spacious beauty to the room.

When you hang your mirror make sure the reflection is one worth sharing. Let’s say you hang a mirror in your bathroom but the reflection is that of your toilet. Appealing? No! But lets say it reflects the beautiful outdoors giving an illusion of another window. Appealing? Absolutely!

1. Bathroom

Over the sink is always a popular place for a bathroom mirror. Putting your makeup on or shaving is a lot easier with a nice large mirror and a framed one adds a real touch to the décor!

If you have room add an additional mirror that’s on a swivel arm. It’s great for those close up moments and you can also see the back of your head to take care of any bad hair days before they get rolling.

If your bathroom is really small and you want to make it appear bigger. Hang a framed mirror over the bathtub. It will instantly make your room feel much better.

2. Master Bedroom

If you have an open wall buy a framed wall mirror. You’ll get the functionality you need and add to your décor. If you don’t have an available wall then use the back of the door or the closet door. Not nearly as effective for the décor but at least you get the functionality you need. After all you don’t want to leave the house with your shirt tail or slip hanging out.

3. Office

A desk facing a wall isn’t good for the energy flow of the room but you can compensate buy hanging a large mirror on the wall. And it will also make your room feel larger and you more comfortable because no one will be sneaking up behind you.

4. Foyer/Entrance

There’s nothing like the touch of a large mirror at the entrance. And if your foyer is large enough place a small tea table with the mirror above it. It not only looks great it also gives you the chance to do that last minute check before you rush out the door. And the tables handy for dropping those necessaries like your keys.

5. Living Room

If you have a fireplace in your living room then you’ve just got to add a mirror above it. It’s dramatic and it adds warmth to the room making it inviting and relaxing. It reflects the room activities.

No fireplace then consider using a blank wall as a feature wall. Perhaps add a candle on each side. Now don’t just place the candles there, use them. The wonderful glow and the flicker of the candles in the mirror is so relaxing.

6. Childs Room

Children love to look at themselves so what better way than to put a mirror in their room. And baby’s love to entertain themselves with their own reflection so hang a mirror on the wall near the crib or change table or place it in a mobile. Remember to adjust for your child’s eye level. Functional and it will look great too! Especially if you add a bit of a child’s touch.

Baby’s room choose a nursery mirror or continue your existing theme. Child’s room let them choose. Kid’s all have their favorite characters or themes. Let them have some fun.

7. Dining Room

A mirror over your buffet is a beautiful touch. If you have a small room a mirror can also make your dining room feel much bigger. But make sure that it doesn’t reflect the dirty dishes at the sink.

8. Hallway

Hallways are usually long and narrow so the illusion of spaciousness can be achieved by using mirrors especially if the light reflects correctly on the mirror.

Framed mirrors are a great way to add those finishing touches to your décor. And with so many choices available from online retailers you’re certain to find the perfect one!

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