Full Length Mirror Guide

29 Sep

Do you own a full length mirror, if not you are missing out on an essential tool in being stylish. There is much more to gain from having a mirror than just looking in it in the morning to do a quick check on your appearance. Read these tips to find out how to make full use of this vital piece of equipment.

Observe what you see wearing a favourite outfit

Find yourself some time when you will not be interrupted. Put on an outfit that you like including the correct tights, shoes and other accessories and stand in front of the mirror. First of all work out why you like this outfit and be as specific as you can. It might even be a good idea to write yourself a note about this. Is it because people always tell you that you look good in it? Try and work out why this is. Is it the colour that is flattering? Is it the style? Is it because if fits so well or is it because it is ‘so you’, that is it suits the sort of person you are in terms of dress sense. Then look more critically at the outfit. Look at the length particularly if it includes a skirt or dress. Trouser length is important too. If there are sleeves, look at their length- are they full length, three quarters or short. Wherever they end look at the effect of the sleeve length on your total look. Then look at your tights and your shoes. How do they enhance the outfit?

Next look at how you accessorise this outfit, what jewellery are you wearing, what bag are you holding? Next look at your hair and make-up;are they completing the look too? Look away for a moment and then look back in the mirror – see where you eye goes first. Go back to your notes and add any notes that might be helpful in getting this same impression from different outfits for different occasions.


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