Carp Fishing in the USA

4 Oct

Carp fishing has long been looked down upon in the U.S. but this is a trend that’s rapidly changing. This fish, often scorned at by bass anglers as “trash fish,” are gaining popularity among many anglers for their large weight and the quality of fight that these large fresh water fish put up.

Carp are slowly gaining a positive reputation in as one of the fiercest freshwater fighters, which can offer a challenge to the best of anglers. Though they were once considered bottom feeders, it is now known that carp each much of the same diet as trout and bass. In more states than ever carping is becoming a more accepted form of fishing, much as it has been in Europe.

In many places in the United States, carp is a catch and release fish. There are a couple of major reasons for this. Carp tend to have a very long life span, which is part of the reason they grow to such large sizes. As a negative, these fish are also prone to soaking up any toxins in the water in which they grow, meaning they can be found in really polluted water – but carp from polluted waters shouldn’t be eaten. Many large carp are found in areas of the United States where water might be polluted, which is part of the reason they have taken a longer period of time to catch on.

While carp fishing doesn’t enjoy anything close to the popularity of bass fishing. The official bass fishing organizations in the United States enjoy nearly one million members, while the carp fishing organizations only have a couple thousand. However, that’s a couple thousand more than even a decade ago.

Publications and new pro-carp angling groups have helped to raise the profile of the carp among many American anglers who previously would never have considered them a sport fish. In fact, the push to recognize carp as a legitimate sports fish has resulted in some major gains in perception even to the point where the world carp championship will be held in the St. Lawrence River area. This is almost surely going to gain a lot of positive press for carp fishing in the United States, and encourage more anglers to come out and give it a fair shake.

While there is still a long way to go, carp fishing has definitely gained ground in the United States. Whether or not they will ever gain the respect of bass has yet to be seen, but at least in the short time carp fishing looks like it will continue to grow in popularity.

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