Why mirrors are an important part of any home

14 Nov

Furniture is what defines a room, just like good furniture is essential for any home; bathroom furniture, is essential to any well planned bathroom. Traditionally bathroom furniture is supposed to be restricted to the usual mirror, or towel storage cupboard, this is a common misconception, bathroom furniture encompasses everything from a wall mounted mirror, to the most stylish shower racks. No longer does one have to restricted himself to buying bathroom furniture for just utility purpose.

Besides the utility they serve, bathroom furniture is now an essential bathroom accessory. Just like matching the furniture with the décor in any drawing room is important similarly, it is essential that your bathroom furniture is carefully chosen and matches the décor of your bathroom.

Before you go ahead and consider buying furniture for your bathroom, there are a few essential facts that must be kept in mind, the first being that mixing and matching furniture is not everyone’s cup of tea, unless you are confident that you have an eye for detail, you should considering buying a vanity set (a vanity set is a complete set of bathroom furniture like cupboards, mirrors, and all the components are usually matched).

If you are confident that you can match your bathroom furniture, then you should have a very good idea of the kind of bathroom furniture you need, this means you should have a very good estimate of the space constraints in you bathroom. Depending on the décor, the space and other parameters you should decide to go for either, wall hung furniture or free-standing furniture.

Wall hung furniture as is evident, is furniture that can be hung or fixed to the wall of a bathroom, this type of furniture has its advantage over free-standing furniture in that it occupies lesser space and is less prone to wear and tear (a fact that is a topic of much debate), however free-standing furniture is more elegant looking and if space is not a constraint one should consider free-standing furniture. Therefore on the basis of how furniture is integrated into your bathroom, there are two major types of furniture:

Wall Hung Furniture Wall hung furniture is a hot favourite with people who like roomy bathrooms, and those who have limited space to work with. Of course space is not the only criteria that should influence your decision to go for wall hung furniture, depending on the look and feel of your bathroom you can choose between wall hung furniture and free-standing furniture (or both). However if you are cramped for room, by default your choice will be wall hung furniture. Almost all types of bathroom furniture comes as wall hung furniture. The most simplest of mirrors to the most elegantly designed cabinets are available as wall hung furniture.

Free-standing furniture Compared to wall hung furniture, free-standing furniture has a more elegant and classical look and feel, there are more contemporary forms of free-standing furniture available, and once again like all stylish furniture there are some very impressive sets of Italian free-standing furniture available. The simplest example of free-standing furniture is perhaps a chest of drawers that can be bought and installed in a bathroom, there are also some more impressive forms of free-standing furniture available like full length adjustable mirrors, and elegantly designed stools.


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