What is course fishing? The beginners guide

20 Nov

About 200 years ago, the ruling classes in the UK decided that all fish could fit into one of two categories. Fish like salmon or trout were tastier and thus were classified as “game fish.” Other fish such as the bream, the pike, or the carp were lumped into the “coarse fish” category.

Few pastimes take on relatively low cost, with fishing in general one conjures huge bags of bait on a weighted trolley and catalogues of kit. Nothing could be further from the truth. The basic requirements for ‘carping’ are, a fishing licence, a carping rod with good spool of line, selection of hooks, some weights, some bait and a few ancillary items. A rod rest and somewhere comfortable to sit completes the itinerary, and off you go. Food and drink are usually mandatory! Books and sketchpads, MP3 players, knitting and other accessories are optional. Fishing requires the art of patience.

I fish to relax primarily, if I catch a fish it’s a bonus. Keep this is mind. Variables such as weather, time of year and where the bait is placed, are just a few variables that decide your tally. As with any discipline you never stop learning.

The easiest technique to learn when you’re just figuring out the basics of coarse angling is a method called “float fishing.” With this method, one takes a small wooden or foam float, attaches the line and bait underneath it, and casts it out.

The float serves two purposes: first, it’s an indicator as to what is happening on the other end of your line. Most floats are brightly colored and easy to spot when they wiggle around or duck under the water, you know a fish is on the other end.

Read more here at my blog (what is course fishing .wordpress.com)

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