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Bath repair in surrey

8 Oct

Bath Savers can help you completely restore your bath to its former glory. We can resurface your bath, washbasin, toilet, shower tray & bidets. Restoring & Re-enamelling your bathroom suite is a cost effective way of transforming the look and feel of one of the most desired rooms in the home.

Resurfacing and re-enamelling your bath in situ provides huge savings on removal & installation costs and leaves you with more time to enjoy your new freshly resurfaced bath. Because we carry out the work without the need to remove your current suite, there is also no need to remodel your bathroom…unless you want to of course.

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Saving a bath can save you money!

8 Oct

Find out about how to save money by repairing your old outdated bath. This article lets you in on the secrets on how to repair your bath to a new factory standard. Find out here

Replacing your tub is the most complete way of bath remodeling. When done correctly, it will last the longest, and you will not need to worry about problems afterward such as leakage due to cracks/holes. However, it requires the most work. From this hub you will learn how to repair a bath tub so you can relax and enjoy a pleasurable bath.