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Browser Stats – 2011

27 May

The releases of Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 already this year, its goes to show how far browsers have come and the future for this technology. This is great news for many developers and users. As Chrome sneaks up in this market it is drastically changing both Microsoft and Mozilla to radically improve their browsers.  Techspot has created an interesting chart with overall web usage statistics from all popular browser versions.

With this recent news, here’s some of the stats about these two new browsers. If you view the complete browser usage across the web, Firefox 4 is advancing forward of IE9 declaring 1.7% of the browser market share while IE9 claims 1.07%.  Statistics, however, confirm a overwhelming preference for Firefox 4., IE9 slowly struggles to keep up the numbers with 1.52% of the market users ,while FF4 storms ahead of the market with 8.33% overall users.

About 4.5% of the FF4 users were using the beta version, while the rest were using the full version. Another interesting fact is 42% of Safari uses were using Safari on their iPads/iPhones.